Car Removal for Cash

Auscon scrap metal and iron dealers will purchase and recycle any vehicle or machinery made out of metal.

Our car removal for cash offer applies to vehicles in all areas between Wanneroo (north of Perth) and Mandurah (south of Perth).

We have been offering car removals for cash and recycling since 1978. We originated from the automotive recycling business of ABC Wreckers and continue our commitment to recycling using the latest technology.

Our strict environmental policies mean we dispose of all fluids and waste using best practice methods and enable reusable items to be purchased. Oil residue and similar waste is sent to the appropriate contractors for reprocessing.


Auscon will also purchase and remove machinery, and has been involved in recycling machinery from 10 tonne in weight up to the demolition and removal of floating ships weighing 1500 tonnes. We are able to handle the removal and disposal of machinery of almost any type and size.

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To find out more about car removals for cash, our metal recycling policies and to get a quote, please fill in the form below. To enquire about machinery or other recyclables fill in the general enquiry form on the contact page or call us on (08) 9497 1340.