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We pick up and remove cars – and pay you cash.

Car Removal For Cash

Auscon will purchase and recycle any vehicle or machinery made out of metal. Our scrap car removal for cash offer applies to all vehicles in the Perth metropolitan region (all areas between Wanneroo and Mandurah).

Whether you’re an official auto wrecker or just want to get rid of the scrap heap that’s been in your yard for months – contact us and consider it gone. Plus, there will be some extra cash in your pocket!

Scrap for cash has never been faster – or easier.

Environmental Policy

We believe strongly in recycling whenever possible. Over the years we have helped to recycle hundreds of tonnes of metal, reducing its impact on the environment. We have been offering car cash for unwanted cars and recycling since 1978, having originated from the automotive recycling business of ABC Wreckers. Today, we continue to take our commitment to recycling very seriously.

With more than 40 years in the scrap metal industry, we believe in recycling as much metal as we can to ensure that very little (if any) ends up in landfills. Our strict environmental policy means we dispose of all fluids and waste in compliance with best-practice standards and we sell reusable items on wherever we can.

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