Scrap metal dealers in Australia

One of WA’s foremost scrap metal dealers

Based in Perth, Australian Consolidated Metals and Machinery (Auscon), is the largest privately owned iron and scrap metal dealer in Western Australia.

Auscon specialises in dismantling, processing and sorting a range of unwanted metal, as well as offering the best scrap metal prices on various materials including aluminium recycling, brass, copper, steel, iron and stainless steel. Do you need an easy solution for your scrap metal? We provide convenience and good prices for your scrap. Contact us and let’s see what we can do for you.

Large scale demolition and reclamation works

With more than 30 years’ experience in the Perth scrap metal industry, we guarantee you a quick, professional and efficient service. We do it all, from large scale demolition and reclamation works, to smaller jobs such as salvaging scrap cars, battery and aluminium recycling, and white goods disposal.

What we do:

  • Metal removal, processing, recycling, and salvage
  • Transport oversize machinery and materials
  • Large-scale demolition and reclamation
  • Buy, sell, swap, or trade new and used machinery
  • Scrap bin hire

Whether you need to remove, transport, purchase, swap or sell materials, we offer the most competitive copper scrap and aluminium recycling prices on the market.

Scrap metal recycling services

Most metals can be recycled and we offer the complete range of metal recycling services including:

  • Aluminium and battery recycling
  • Brass, copper, iron and steel reprocessing
  • Plant and machinery salvage
  • Car removal for cash
  • White goods disposal
  • Scrap metal removal

What’s your scrap metal worth?

As a local scrap metal dealer, we value the environment; we also understand that virtually all metals can be recycled. Many factories or mine sites have unsightly metal lying around their site.

Why not exchange your scrap metal for cash? We’ll come clear it and pay you for it. Our team can sort goods from 2 kilograms through to 200 kilograms, so contact us today to arrange an on-site estimate of your scrap metal. We sell our metal locally, but we also export metal for re-use to a number of South East Asian countries. Scrap metal removal has never been this convenient or profitable.

Car recycling

Has that old car been cluttering up your yard for too long? Why not contact us to come collect it, we‘ll even pay you cash for your scrap car. That’s right, we collect and we pay.

Transport services

We own an extensive fleet of trucks and trailers, ensuring that we can efficiently transport materials and machinery from 15 to 50 tonnes, without relying on contractors. We offer Australia-wide transport solutions at competitive prices, allowing you to move machinery and general freight with ease.

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Demolition projects

We have the right equipment, skills and experience to independently undertake a range of demolition and site clearance projects, including the demolition of large commercial structures, dismantling, transporting and reinstallation of mining and crushing equipment.

No matter how difficult or hazardous the job, we can get it done professionally, safely, on time and at the best price. Our expertise in metal recycling has allowed us to work on innovative, challenging projects such as the Bunbury Cathedral, the Fremantle Bunker Terminal and major works at WMCs Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter. See our case studies.

Trade your machinery

Do you have unwanted or out-dated machinery in your workplace? As a licensed machinery dealer, we specialise in buying, selling and trading new and used machinery and equipment.

We buy and sell:

  • Front-end loaders
  • Trucks & trailers
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Light and heavy-duty machinery

Our experienced staff can also assist in recommending the best machinery for your needs.

The best scrap metal price

Clean up your workplace, or construction site and make money; we offer the best scrap metal prices in WA. You’ll receive money for a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including stainless steel, brass, iron, copper, aluminium recycling, zinc and steel, plus any mixed items such as scrap cars, white goods, radiators and redundant plant and machinery.

We can take care of all your scrap metal requirements. We collect and process all metal at our scrap metal yard, or you can take advantage of our mobile processing machinery and transport services, and let us take care of it all.

We pay money for:

  • Brass, copper & steel,
  • Iron, stainless steel & aluminium

Why choose Auscon:

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Over 30 years’ experience
  • We work in both remote and built-up locations
  • State-of-the-art equipment

Auscon guarantees to:

  • Complete your project on time and budget
  • Operate efficiently, professionally and safely
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Provide competitive prices

Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team with all your scrap metal, aluminium recycling and metal recycling enquiries or call 08 9497 1340 to find out more.


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