Case Studies

Kambalda Nickel Operations

The demolition and removal of all structures including fine ore bins for WMC project Commenced in 1998 completed October 1999. This job involved the demolition of structures in and around an operating nickel processing plant involving the removal of several Thousand tonnes of structural steel. Project completed on time on budget with no LTI’s.

Bellevue Goldmine

Demolish and remove complete minesite down to concrete. This project was undertaken in 1999 for Homestake mining company of America. Bellevue was situated just north of Leinster and was completed on time and on budget which led us to be recommended for more projects on behalf of Homestake.

Demolish electro static precipitator WMC Nickel

The Leinster nickel operations ESP was demolished in 1997 while we were operating in the area for WMC clearing the site of all redundant machinery left over from various auctions.The undertaking was completed while plant was fully operational.

Paddys Flat gold plant

Paddy’s Flat gold mine was demolished following the successful completion of the Bellevue project towards the end of 1999. The project involved the complete removal of all plant down to concrete at the Meekatharra site on behalf of Homestake mining.

Mount Morgan Minesite

Mount Morgan minesite was the final demolition requested by Homestake mining and the demolition ran from January 2000 to March . This work was done on time and on budget and Auscon managed to secure works on the site from several other parties involved in the removal of equipment from the site

Karonie Gold mine

The Karonie Gold mine was demolished on behalf of Equis Gold and was undertaken in 2002 this job was the first demolition job done with our recently aquired class one demolition licence. Auscon organised accomodation on site and provided all facilities for personell. The project was achieved on time on budget with no Lti’s.

Mount Monger Minesite

Mount Monger mine was demolished on behalf of Como engineering the project was only 85 kms from our previous project at Karonie. The minesite was cleared down to concrete and all salvage materials removed from site with no complications.

Harbour lights minesite

Harbour lights minesite removal was undertaken by the now defunct Sons of Gwalia this site removal was undertaken down to concrete with no major incidents or accidents on time and on budget.

Bullabulling minesite

Bullabulling minesite situated west of Coolgardie was undertaken on behalf of African Gold Resources this was undertaken and once again provided site security and accomadation on site for all employees. The project involved the induced collapse of both the fine ore bins and the Rom pad bin.

Copperhead Minesite Bullfinch

Copperhead minesite was dismantled and transported to a nearby farm for storage on behalf of Wedgetail Gold Pty Ltd. This job was unusual as Auscon was asked to try and salvage as much of the plant as possible which was very difficult due to the advanced state of corrosion that the entire plant had reached. We managed to transport the majority of the material from site and there were no major incidents or injuries involved in this project.

Bounty Gold mine

This project was undetaken on behalf of Montague resources and involved only the removal of plant that would be too difficult for the mning company to undertake at the isolated site .

British Petroleum Esperance

This project was undertaken on behalf of BP Australia. The project involved the removal of a ULP tank with a storage capacity of 5000 tonnes. The problems encountered on this site was the height and width of the tank in relation to the proximity of other tanks full of highly flammable substances.

Fremantle Bunkering Services

Fremantle Bunkering services involved the removal of tanks in excess of 330 tonnes approxiamately 2000 tonnes of steel and plate was removed from site in a residential area with minimal impact due to the close monitoring of noise and dust levels.

St Patricks Cathedral

Auscon was chosen to complete the sad task of demolishing St Patricks Cathedral at Bunbury after reviewing several options it was decided to induce the collapse of the steeple and the demolition was completed in 2.5 hours the site was cleared in a record 5 days to reduce the impact on both the environment and the sensitive nature of this undertaking.

Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter

WMC commissioned Auscon to demolish and remove the slag granulation plant. This job was done simultaneously with St Patricks cathedral. WMC having failed to secure any local contractors in the Kalgoorlie area decided that there was only one company that would be able to complete this job within the time constraints. Project was completed on time and at a lower than budgeted cost due to the generous reimbursements for salvage from Auscon.

Worsley Alumina

Worsley alumina engaged Auscon Metals in 2001 to come up with an automated method for the processing and removal of their redundant steel cable which was a major part of their cross country conveyor system. After trialling various methods , Auscon come up with their mobile processing mill. Auscon has processed the steel cable since then both on and off site providing a low impact means of cutting which satisfies all environmental and OH&S requirements.


ACI plastics division strip out plastic injection moulding plant and scrap entire unit including cranes, coolroom etc. This undertaking was achieved with minimal interuption of any of the production lines and led to further demolition work with ACI.

Jarrahdale Sawmill

Demolsh and remove Jarrahdale Sawmill for the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. This was undertaken with minimal fuss and also led to the Shire awarding Auscon with two further contracts after the successful completion of the Sawmill contract.

Shell Bitumen plant Port Hedland

Demolish and remove from site storage tank and structures situated at the Shell Depot at Port Hedland.

Shell Australia

Cut manholes in fuel tanks using high pressure water to cold cut .

Helena valley trunkline

Auscon completes removal of pipeline on time on budget for watercorp. Auscon removes pipeline through enviromentally sensitive area in Perths Foothills

John Hill tank Removal

Auscon removes John Hill Tank at Kambalda in record time. Auscon removed the tank weighing in at 120 tonnes in 5 working days. That is demolish process and remove from site.

Shell Geraldton Shed demolition

Auscon removes dangerous building from site at Shell Geraldtons tank farm

Remove gates from South Dandalup Dam

Remove gates from Watercorps South Dandalup Dam.Watercorp engages Auscon once again to complete this difficult task.

Demolish pipe coaters building and Kiln Tyres

Auscon was contracted to Iluka Resources to Demolish and remove two rotary Kiln Tyres both 120 tonne each and 630mm thick and the demolition and removal of the old pipe coaters building at their Narngulu SR plant at Geraldton. The tower was 20 metres high and it turned out to be a fairly easy job as the building was in poor condition.

Demolish Maya v

Dismantle and remove Maya V for the AFMA project completed on time on budget with no LTI’s. This was a simple enough project completed in an extremely unsuitable environment for this type of project.