Frequently Asked Questions

Opening Hours: When Can You Visit Us?

Convenient Hours for Your Schedule

  • Monday – Friday: 7 am – 4 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am – 11:30 am

Closed on long weekends and public holidays.
Note: Auscon Landsdale is closed on Saturdays.

Using Our Weighbridge

Public Access to Weighbridge

  • Yes, the public can use our registered public weighbridge at our Armadale yard.
  • We provide certified weighbridge dockets for licensing purposes for a $30 fee or handwritten weighbridge dockets for a $20 fee.
  • Please bring cash, as we do not have EFTPOS facilities.

Weighbridge Use: No Appointment Needed

  • No appointment is necessary! Visit our Armadale yard anytime during opening hours.
  • Our friendly weighbridge staff will assist you promptly

Getting a Quote

Quote Process

  • For an accurate quote, avoid phone quotes; we prefer to see the scrap in person.
  • Send a photo of your scrap to for a price per kilo/tonne.
  • If you prefer to call, we can provide an approximate price based on your verbal description, with the actual value determined on-site.

Acceptance of Gas Bottles: Important Information

Guidelines for Gas Bottles

  • Yes, we accept old gas bottles for scrap.
  • Ensure the valve is removed from the top or put a hole in the top and bottom for safety reasons.
  • Closed containers cannot be accepted due to health and safety concerns.

Safety Gear: What You Need to Enter Our Yard

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Enclosed shoes are a MUST for entry into our yard.
  • We provide necessary PPE, including hard hats and high-visibility clothing, ensuring your safety during your visit.

Price Fluctuations: Understanding Scrap Value

Scrap Value Dynamics

  • Scrap is a commodity with a fluctuating value, influenced by market conditions.
  • Call ahead to get the current price for your scrap and avoid any confusion.

Car Removal: Turning Your Old Car into Cash

Car Removal Services

  • Yes, we remove cars for scrap.
  • Complete cars with all parts intact qualify for cash payment and removal.
  • Call for a quote based on make, model, year, and location.
  • Car shells (missing parts) qualify for free removal only.

Residential Scrap Pickup: What You Need to Know

Pickup Services

  • Due to financial constraints, free pickup is limited to a minimum of two tonnes of scrap.
  • For smaller amounts, bring your metal to us, and you’ll be paid for the weight value.

Identification Requirements

Required IDs for Payments

  • A valid Australian photo ID is required for cash pickups.

For copper or brass products, provide a secondary form of ID totalling 100 points, along with proof of address within the last three months.