Frequently Asked Questions

Can the public use your weighbridge?

Yes! Our Armadale yard has a registered public weighbridge where we can provide certified weighbridge dockets for licensing purposes for a $30 fee, or handwritten weighbridge dockets for a $20 fee.

Do I need an appointment to use the weighbridge?

No, you don’t! Just come into our Armadale yard anytime during opening hours and our friendly weighbridge staff will help you out.

I would like a quote for the value of the metal I have. How can I get a price?

We try to avoid giving prices over the phone, as we need to see the scrap to provide a value. Please send a photo of your scrap to and we will reply with a price per kilo/tonne.

Can I bring in old gas bottles for scrap?

Yes! However, please make sure that you remove the valve from the top of the bottle or put a hole in the top and bottom of the container – due to health and safety concerns, we are not able to accept closed containers.

Do I need to wear enclosed shoes in order to enter the yard?

Yes! Please note that we cannot let customers enter our yard without adequate PPE (personal protective equipment), which includes a hard hat, high vis clothing and enclosed shoes. If you don’t have those handy, don’t worry – we keep extras in our office, so just ask.

I have bought in scrap before and received a different price to what I received today. Why is this?

Scrap is a commodity that has a fluctuating value. Depending on the market price the value can be higher or lower on any given day. To avoid any confusion, please call ahead and we can tell you what the current price for your scrap is.

Do you remove cars?

Yes, we do. Please call us on (08) 9497 1340 or email us at and we can book in to remove your car for scrap.

Do I need to provide photo ID to be paid for scrap?

Yes, you do. As per the scrap metal industry code of compliance (the code of compliance), we must keep a record of everyone that we buy scrap from, so please make sure you bring a valid photo ID. For more information on the code of compliance, please refer to the Australian Taxation Office’s website.