Commercial Metal Disposal & Recycling

Commercial Metal Disposal & Recycling

Your Premier Partner in Commercial Metal Recycling Services

Auscon’s Commercial Metal Disposal and Recycling is a pioneer in commercial waste management in Perth. As a leading scrap metal recycler, Auscon brings over 40 years of innovation and expertise, providing tailored solutions for businesses across Perth.

Decades of Expertise: Auscon’s Commercial Legacy

Leading Scrap Metal Recyclers

As a leader in the industry, Auscon has proudly served as one of Western Australia’s leading scrap metal recyclers for over 40 years. Our rich history is a testament to our expertise, industry capabilities, and unrivalled customer service.

Commercial Bin Service

Trust Auscon’s commercial bin service to meet the diverse needs of your business, no matter the scale or complexity of the project. Our team has the expertise to handle even the most challenging commercial metal recycling services. requirements.

Registered Public Weighbridge

We operate a registered public weighbridge that undergoes weekly calibration to ensure precise measurements. This commitment to regular calibration guarantees accurate weights, offering our customers confidence in the reliability of our measurements. Additionally, we provide tailored payment options to meet the diverse needs of all our customers.