Industrial Metal Disposal & Recycling

Industrial Waste Disposal

Powering the Future of Industrial Metal Recycling

Auscon’s industrial metal recycling services are advancing Perth’s industrial metal waste management landscape. As specialists in the field, Auscon takes pride in offering comprehensive solutions for industrial clients, handling disposal projects of up to 10,000 tonnes with precision and expertise.

Industrial Metal Recycling Services and Waste Disposal: Up to 10,000 Tonnes

Auscon’s specialisation extends to the disposal of industrial metal waste, and we are equipped to handle projects of up to 10,000 tonnes. Our capabilities make us the go-to partner for companies with large-scale disposal needs.

Complete Site Dismantling and Removal

Auscon offers complete site dismantling and removal services for industrial clients with complex requirements. This includes handling the disposal of mine sites, tank farms, ships, buildings, and industrial structures encompassing thousands of tonnes of steel.

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