Our Industries

Scrap Metal Recycling

Auscon provides a range of metal recycling, goods removal, disposal and demolition services for the industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Scrap for cash has never been faster – or easier.


Auscon has been involved with the dismantling and removal of complete mine sites, tank farms and industrial structures as well as technical projects for mining corporations. Auscon has the expertise to remove and dispose of industrial metals up to 10,000 tonnes.

We have:

  • Removed heavy industrial plant from buildings
  • Stripped and dismantled ships
  • Managed the transport and demolition of heavy tonnage materials
  • Provided custom solutions such as drum crushers, car crushers and cable cutting mills to client specification

Auscon provides a commercial pick up service and can supply bins from 2m3 to 25m3 for all types of commercial undertakings where metal waste is produced – from steel fabrication to mine site operations. We have been operating our bin service for more than 25 years and can also supply transportation should a customer require it. Materials are weighed and paid on a monthly basis according to weight and quality.


Auscon will process any domestic metals delivered to our facility – no matter how small. We can take bulky metal household goods like fridges and bikes, plus we purchase and remove vehicles anywhere from Wanneroo to Mandurah.

Whether you want to get rid of metals or machinery, Auscon can get it done.
Call us on 08 9497 1340 to find out more.