International Export

Auscon is an experienced international export company and regularly sends scrap steel, both ferrous and nonferrous, to South East Asian destinations including Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan.

We have also shipped metals to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

During more than 25 years in the scrap metal export industry we have undertaken some involved methods of transport, such as loading scrap metal directly onto giant open barges for shipment to market via Surabaya.

Latest Technology

Auscon has a comprehensive range of container loading and handling equipment and we regularly update our machinery as technology improves.

We make export shipping easy with a Federal Government controlled public weighbridge on site and streamlined document handling processes. Our onsite processing equipment efficiently prepares all types of metal for export.

Auscon is also involved in export loading of break bulk shipments, consignments of oversized materials which do not fit into regular shipping containers

Consult us

Consult us for more details about exporting scrap metals and handling of break bulk shipments for overseas destinations. Call us on 08 9497 1340 or fill in our online enquiry form.