Specialist Metal Machinery & Equipment

Buy Machinery Perth: Comprehensive Specialist Machinery Services

Machinery Trading and Purchase

Auscon is your go-to destination for purchasing any machinery made out of metal. Whether you have specialised equipment or proprietary machinery, we offer competitive prices and a hassle-free process to sell and buy machinery in Perth. We encourage you to explore our extensive range of metal machinery, where quality meets affordability.

Removal and Destruction Services

In addition to machinery trading, Auscon provides specialised services for removing and destroying proprietary equipment. Our experienced team is equipped to handle machinery removal ranging from 10 tonnes to demolishing and removing floating ships weighing up to 1500 tonnes. Notably, we have successfully demolished fixed plants exceeding 4000 tonnes!

Handling Any Type and Size

At Auscon, we take pride in responsibly handling and disposing of machinery of any type and size. Our decades of experience and a highly skilled team ensure that your metal machinery is handled with precision and professionalism.