What do metal scrap yards do with the metal?

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As Western Australia’s largest city, Perth is bustling with development and always stays up-to-date with current infrastructure trends from around the world – often setting the tone for developing nations. But with construction and industry comes the responsibility of proper waste management, and how better to do that than with recycling?

With an aim of helping you understand the ins and outs of metal scrap yards and the vital role they play in the health of our city, we’ve highlighted some of the most important things you need to know.


First let’s take a look at all the parties involved and why they’d want to work closely with a metal scrap yard. Most of the time, those that visit scrap yards are people and businesses in Western Australia’s trade industry. Whether they’re electricians, contractors, plumbers, demolition experts, construction companies, manufacturing plants, or government departments, they have a need for (or need to get rid of) metal. In the odd occurrence, clever homeowners will also visit scrap yards looking for second hand materials and appliances.


Now that you know who’s making use of scrap yards, let’s distinguish exactly what happens onsite. Two things take place:

  1. People bring materials to the scrap yard in order to get rid of unwanted metals and are paid depending on the weight of their delivery. Establishments will buy scrap metals from a variety of contributors, namely the private sector (businesses), governments, and public organisations. Have a look at what we buy.
  2. This metal will then be sent to the mill to be turned into new metal products. Only once the scrap is sorted into relevant categories (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and electronics or e-scrap) and/or formed into new products will it be purchased by those looking for recycled materials. This ranges from common metals like steel and iron to electronics found in computer towers, circuit boards, and power supplies.


Because scrap yards require lots of space for heavy-duty operations and storage, you won’t usually find them in the private and commercial spaces now surrounding urban living. Instead, scrap yards are located in industrial zones that are not only out of the way, but offer large areas for offloading, storing, and working with metals. With scarp yards heavily relying on the trading industry, common denominators are things like population, construction, and demolition. Thus, they are also often found near major ports to ensure quick and easy transportation via trucks, ships, and railway.

Trading Hours

Every scrap yard is different, dealing with specific materials and a wide range of quantities. Some yards work with so much material that you could visit them daily, while others receive small batches of scrap less frequently. Our yards will operate throughout the week from 7am – 4pm, although this should not be assumed – rather schedule an appointment once you know where to . Saturdays we are available between 7:30am to 11:30am.

Scrap yards are busiest during spring and summer, as developers and demolition companies usually start their projects at these times of the year. This is also true for home renovations, with construction taking place when it’s most convenient – usually when the sun is shining.

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